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Thank you for visiting our site. Skintastic Art has been providing tattoos for Columbus GA since 2005, we are a leading tattoo shop in the city. We continue to grow annually since opening under the brand and leadership of Cash P. Our pride is in our mission statement that we strive to achieve daily, bringing a sense of professionalism to the tattoo industry in this community.


We provide all types and styles of tattooing for your convenience, our specialty is urban school urban art with a deep understanding of color theory for all types of skin ranging from: white, light, brown, and black. This art is modern and has an inner city influence to relate to today’s cultural clients. We proudly present bright vibrant long lasting color and shading infused with great custom concepts to fix your vision for your personal body art. Custom tattoos handcrafted one at a time to satisfy you.

Tattoo Prices (Tattoos Columbus, GA Location)

Tattoos are priced by the artistry hourly rate for the job. The artist rates are based on their skill set and experience. The artist rate will be applied to the service time you are requesting from him or her. The more detail within a tattoo the higher the rate. A small design with major detail can cost even more than a larger design with less detail. Color designs are always more than black and grey (when the same design is compared).

All tattoo artist are service providers, selling time knowledge and experience at cost.

We love what we do and respect our clients request for our time and we ask our clients to do the same. We love to invest our time with people that are serious about the quality their art.

We believe in providing clients with the dream tattoo of their life while giving the very best service. We are one of the best for tattoos in Columbus, GA for quality combined with affordable rates. Our shop minimum for tattoos are as follows: $30 for names $40 for designs.


Skintastic Art tattoos Columbus, GA location has been featured in all major local publications as well as a special feature on a local TV news program or their accomplishment and positive influential progress in the community. We are active in keeping up with local demands and trends simultaneously focusing on todays technique and advanced tattooing equipment. This is an ever changing market where the principal stays the same but the way to reach visions and goals- changes daily. Keeping up with health standards, major industry changes and customer service is just a few things we dedicate ourselves to stay current on.


All of Skintastic Art tattoo artist are trained licensed professionals. Before employment all staff completes at least a two year apprentice program to be creditable for employment.

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Contact us at (706) 507-1102 in Columbus, Georgia, to hear more about our urban designed tattoos.
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